Things About Me

This is my first post and I really hope you find it enlightening. Its things about me-basically things i love, hate, do, and people i like. They’re randomly arranged though.
1. I’m 16 at the time of writing this #sweetsixteen 🙂
2. One of my names is Ihunda, however it is not on my birth certificate. No one ever uses it, lol.
3. I got this idea of writing things about me from Sonia Osi.
4. I love reading. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember.
5. I love writing. I’ve just never been brave enough to complete any work or show it. x_x. I also like to read my work over and over again. 😀
6. I am a Jehovah’s witness. Its not just my religion, its who I am. I am a really spiritual person and I would do anything to please God. P.S I’m not a fanatic, lol.
7. I love my friends and family and I have to say they’re simply the best!!!…<3
8. I think I’m the most trusting person you’ll ever meet.  Its my biggest weakness.
9. I have a really good relationship with food and sleep, although I’m still trying to figure out which should come first…lol. I love cooking and I’m a pretty good cook (endorsed by my mother ;))
10. My favorite authors are all women – Mary Higgins-Clark, Danielle Steel and Barbara Taylor Bradford…I’m not prejudiced though. I read John Grisham. lol.
11. I love Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
12. I love Beyonce. I think she’s amazing!!!. I really don’t get why people think she’s fake. Alicia Keys and Chris Brown are like my favorite singers. <3.
13. I’ve never listened to Adele. No reason.
14. I love music as you might already be able to tell.:)
15. I cried when Michael Jackson died. 🙁
16. I cry when I’m angry or frustrated.
18. I’m an awww… person. 🙂
19. Notwithstanding number 18, i’m a total Nigerian- i say eyaa…,shey, sha…etc
20. I love children. I want to be a paediatrician.
21. I love HUGS!!!
22. I think i’m the biggest grey’s anatomy fan alive!
23. I love jeans. I really don’t like skirts but I love dresses.
24. My favorite colors are purple and green.
25. I CAN’T  chat or text without smileys.
26. I love ice-cream!!! (and gala and caprisonne).
27. I like cute underwear as opposed to sexy.
28. My favorite scent right now is 212 splash by Carolina Herrera.
29. I’m not brave enough to keep a diary, i’m scared someone will read it.
30. I love TWITTER!!!…It gives me an opportunity to write.
31. I hate it when people leave doors open.
32. I dislike people who aren’t straightforward.
33. I love taking pictures.
34. I love to dress up. I’m a total girl!!!. Tried to be a tomboy once…#epicfail.
35. I LOVE A LOT!!!.
36. I really like my phone, its rare. Its a nokia 6700 slide.
37. My mum is like the sister i never had.
38. My favorite disney princesses are Jasmine and Ariel.
39. Grammer and spelling mistakes ‘chook’ my ears and eyes. LOL.
40. I’m glad i did this!!! 😀